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All your grooming needs at your front door


Proudly providing Adelaide's southern suburbs with quality mobile dog grooming services  


At Diamond Dogs Mobile Grooming we offer a range of grooming services at your front door. Your pet’s well-being is paramount to us, so with our caring calm approach you can rest assured that your fur-baby is in safe hands. Our trailer is designed for the sole purpose of dog grooming, which means a safe, hygienic, and stress-free experience for your dog, no matter what the weather. We pride ourselves on grooming your dog to your requirements, whilst offering a flexible and affordable service.     




Although we try to keep our prices structured they are only a guide. Surcharges may apply depending on coat condition and temperament.

Prices inclusive of GST


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Size Guide 

Small Dog - less than 10kg

Medium Dog - 10kg - 20kg

Large Dog 20kg - 35kg

Above 35kg price on request

The Crystal Clean
Warm hydrobath, blow dry and brush

Small Dog        From $50
Medium Dog   From $60
Large Dog        From $75
Extra Large     Call

The Ruby
Hourly Rate 
Please Refer To The Ruby for Oodle Breeds such as;
Groodle's, Spoodle's, Labradoodle's, Bordoodle's and Cavoodle's

First hour $75
Additional Time 
$15 per 15 minutes

The Diamond Dog
Warm hydrobath, blow dry and brush, followed by a full clip to your requirements

Small Dog        $80
Medium Dog   $90
Large Dog        $105
Extra Large     Call



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Tel:  0415043020

8:30 AM - 7 PM

Tuesday - Friday


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To make a booking Please send a Text Message to 0415 043 020.

Please included;
    Your full name;
    Dogs name and breed;
    Service required;

We will endeavour to get back to you by the end of the day.

Please note we are fully booked until January 2024.

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